1969-1971 Fender Tag / Broadcast Sheet Codes List

A0169-71Light Package
A0269-71Driver Aid Group
A0369-70Town & Country Group
A0371 OnlyDeluxe Light Package
A0469-71Basic (Radio) Group
A0569-71Protection Group
A0669 OnlySport Group
A0669 OnlyAir Conditioning Group
A0769-70Turnpike Package
A0869 OnlyWagon Easy Entry Convenience Group
A0971 OnlyConcealed Headlamp Package
A1169 onlySpecial Model XX29 Charger Daytona
A1169 onlySpecial Model XX29 Charger 500
A1269 only440 Six Pack Engine Package
A1270 onlyChrysler 300 Hurst
A1370 onlyPlymouth Road Runner Superbird
A1369 only440-4bbl Engine Package
A1469 onlyChrysler/Plymouth Spring Special w/ vinyl top
A1469-70Spring Special Package
A1569 onlyChrysler/Plymouth Spring Special wo/ vinyl top
A2069 onlyDodge Fever Special Package
A2170-71Elastomeric Colored Front Bumper Package
A2270-71Elastomeric Colored Front & Rear Bumper Package
A2470-71Trunk & Spare Tire Dress-up
A2871 onlyNoise Reduction Package
A3169-71High Performance Axle Package� w/3.91 Ratio
A3269-70Super Performance Axle Package� w/4.10 Ratio
A3369-71Track Pak w/3.54 ratio
A3469-70Super Track Pak w/4.10 ratio
A3569-71H .D. Trailer Towing Package
A3669-71Performance Axle Package w/3.55 Ratio
A3770-71Taxi Package
A3870-71Police Package
A3969 onlyDodge Spring Special A
A4069 onlyDodge Spring Special B
A4169 onlyWhite Hat Special w/vinyl roof
A4269 onlyDart Spring Special Package A
A4369 onlyDart Spring Special Package B
A4470-71Rear Window Louver Package
A4570-71Front & Rear Spoiler Package
A4669-71Moulding Package
A4769-70Special Edition Package
A4769 onlySpecial Dress-up Group I
A4869-70Dress� Up Package
A4969 onlySpecial Dress-up Group II
A5170 onlySport Fury S-23
A5171 onlyDuster Twister Package
A5270-71Sport Fury GT
A5370-71Trans Am Package
A5369 onlyFormula S Package
A5470-71Colored Bumper Package
A5569 onlyBlack Vinyl Trim Group
A5570-71Custom Trim Package
A5669 only'Cuda 340 Package
A5769 only'Cuda 383 Package
A5869 onlySport Grain Group
A5971 onlySizzler Package
A6071 only4-Speed Transmission Special Package
A6171 onlyAutomatic Transmission Special Package
A6269-71Rallye Instrument Cluster Package
A6370 onlyChallenger Moulding Group
A6570-71Dart GT Package
A6670 onlyChallenger 340 Performance Package
A6770-71Backlight Louver Package
A7370 onlySpecial Value Package - XH29 Charger
A7869 onlyWestern Sport Special Package
A7871 onlyFormal Roof Package
A8268-71Police Ornamentation Group
A8370-71New York Taxi Package
A8569 onlyFront End Ornamentation Group
A8571 onlyCharger Topper Group
A8669 onlyInterior Decor Group
A8769-71Road Runner Decor Package
A8870-71Interior Decor Group
A9170 onlyWestern Sport Special
A9370-71B & E Body Coupe Package
A9470-71Gold Duster Special Package
A9471 onlyReminder Light Package
A9570-71Chrysler Spring Special
A9771 onlySpecial Package
A9770 onlyFury Spring Special A
A9870 onlyFury Spring Special B
A9971 onlySpecial Coupe Package
B1169-71H.D. Drum Brakes 10" - Auto Adj. (A-Body)
B1170-71H.D. Drum Brakes 11" - Auto Adj. (B+C+E Body)
B3169-70H.D. Drum Brakes 11" - Manual Adj. (B+C Body)
B3969 onlyH.D. Metallic Brake Lining
B4169-71Front Disc Brakes w/Standard 10" RR Drum
B4270 onlyFront Disc Brakes w/H.D. 11" RR Drum
B5169-71Power Brakes
B6169-70Brakes - Standard Drum
B6471 only4-Wheel Skid Control
CO469-71Seat Belts - Delete All Standard
C1369-70Front Shoulder Belts
C1469-71Rear Shoulder Belts
C1570 onlyDeluxe Seat Belts
C1669-71Console w/Woodgrain Panel
C2169-71Center Front Seat Cushion
C2269-70Armrest Base-Painted
C2369-71Rear Armrests w/ashtray
C2569 onlyLeft Head Restraint
C2670-71Consolette w/Formed Headlining
C2869 onlyRight Head Restraint
C3169 onlyLeft & Right Head Restraints
C3269-71Delete Head Restraints
C3469-71Front Seat Shield
C37D70 onlyRichard Petty Blue (Special Order Paint)
C5169-71Bench Seat-Split 50/50
C5271 onlyBench Seat
C5569-71Bucket Seats
C6169-71Bucket Seat Left Reclining
C6269-71Left-hand 6 way Adjustable Bucket Seat
C6569-71Air Foam Front Seat
C7169-70Air Foam Front & Rear Seat
C7369 onlyFold Down Rear Seat
C8169-71Seat Spring - H.D. Front
C8369-71Seat Spring - H.D. Rear
C8569-71Seat Spring - H.D. Front & Rear
C9169-71Floor Mats - H.D. Front
C9269-71Floor Mats - Accessory Rubber
C9469 onlyFloor Mats Colored Keyed
C9569-71Floor Mats - H.D. Front & Rear Black
C9669-71Trunk Dress-Up Partial
C9769-71Trunk Dress-Up
CTD69-71Codes Continued on 2nd Fender Tag
D1169-703 Speed Manual Transmission-Column Shift 6 Cyl.
D1269-703 Speed Manual Transmission-Column Shift 8 Cyl.
D1370-713 Speed Manual Transmission-Floor Shift
D2169-714 Speed Manual Transmission
D3169-71A904 3-Speed Auto Trans.
D3269-71Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission
D3469-71Light Duty Automatic Transmission
D3670-71A727 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
D4169-71Clutch H.D. 9 1/2" Diameter
D4969-71Special Order Transmission
D5169-712.76:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D5369-713.23:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D5569-712.45:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D5669-713.54:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D5769-713.91:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D5869-714.10:1 Rear Axle Ratio
D6969-71Special Order Rear Axle
D9169-71Sure Grip Axle
E1169 only170 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 115hp
E2270-71198 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 125hp
E2469-71225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder 145hp
E2569-71225 cid 1 barrel 6 Cylinder H.D. 145hp
E3169 only273 cid 2 barrel V8 190hp
E4469-71318 cid 2 barrel V8 230hp
E5569-71340 cid 4 barrel V8 275hp
E5570-71340 cid 3x2 barrel V8 290hp
E5771360 cid 2 barrel V8 255hp
E6169-70383 cid 2 barrel V8 290hp
E6171 only383 cid 2 barrel V8 275hp
E6369-70383 cid 4 barrel V8 H.P. 335hp
E6371 only400 cid 2 barrel V8 190hp
E6571 only383 cid 4 barrel V8 300hp
E7469-71426 Hemi 2x4 barrel V8 425hp
E8569-71440 cid 4 barrel V8 350hp
E8669-71440 cid 4 barrel V8 (High Performance) 375hp
E8770-71440 cid 3x2 barrel V8� (High Performance) 390hp
E9170-71Police Engine
END69-71End of Sales Codes
EN169-71End of Sales Codes
EN269-71End of Sales Codes
F0170 only440 cid 4 barrel police engine conversion package
F0870-71Trans Am Engine
F1169�46 Amp Alternator (std with AC)
F1170-7150 Amp Alternator
F1369-7160 Amp Alternator
F1569-7165 Amp Alternator
F1769-71Radio Suppressor Package
F2269-71Battery 46 Amp Hour (Series 24 w/Green Caps)
F2369-71Battery 59 Amp Hour (Series 24 w/Yellow Caps)
F2569-71Battery 70 Amp Hour (Series 27 w/Red Caps)
F5669-71Antifreeze Tested -35� F
F9569-71Certified Speedometer
F9669-71Oil Pressure Gauge
G0171Heated Rear Window Defogger
G1169-71Tinted Glass (all)
G1269-71Tinted side glass
G1569-71Tinted Windshield
G1869-71Clear windshield (with ac)
G2169-71Clear Glass (with ac)
G2469-70Omit Vent Windows
G2569-70Add Vent Windows
G2571 onlyManual Vent Wing
G3069-71Delete mirrors
G3169-71OS RH Manual Standard Mirror
G3270-71OS RH Manual Racing Mirror
G3369OS LH Remote Standard Mirror
G3370-71OS LH Remote Racing Mirror
G3470-71OS LH Remote Racing Mirror
G3569-71Delete Standard Outside Mirror
G3670-71OS Dual Racing Mirrors
G3771OS Dual Racing Mirrors
G4170-71Day/Night Inside Rear-View Mirror
G4270-71Non Day/Night Inside Rear-view Mirror
H2569-71Heater Delete
H3169-71Rear Window Defogger
H4171Heater w/ Upper Level Vent
H5169-71Air Conditioning
J0169-71Driver Education Decal
J1169-71Glove Box Lock
J1471Delete Cigar Lighter
J1569-71Cigar Lighter
J2169-71Electric Clock
J2471Headlamp Washer
J2569-713 Speed Wipers
J2669-71Tailgate Window Wiper/Washer
J3169-71Dual Horns
J3269-71Single Horn
J4169-71Pedal Dress Up
J4569-71Hood Tie Down Pins
J4669-71Locking Gas cap
J5271Inside Hood Release
J5470-71Sport Hood
J5569-71Undercoating with Hood Pad
J6469-71Instrument Panel Woodgrain
J6870-71Backlight Louvers
J7870-71Front Spoiler
J8170-71Rear Spoiler - Wing Type
J8270-71Rear Spoiler - Duck Wing
L0569-71Map Light
L0670-71Dome/Reading Lamp
L1169-71Glove Box Light
L1569-71Ash Receiver Lamp
L2569-71Trunk Lamp
L3170-71Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals
L3470-71Road Lights
L3569-71Cornering Lamps
L3771Concealed Headlamps
L4270-71Headlamp Time Delay
L6169-71Dome Lamp Switch Rear Doors
L6569-71Ignition Switch Lamp� /with time delay
L6869-71Auto Headlamp Dimmer
L7169-71Door Ajar Lamp
L7269-71Headlamp On Buzzer
L7369-71Seatbelt Unfastened Lamp
L7570-71Low Fuel Lamp
L7670-71Heater Controls Lamp
M0569-71Door edge moldings
M2169-71Roof drip rail moldings
M2569-71Wide sill moldings
M2669-71Wheel Lip Moldings
M2770-71Delete Wheel Lip Moldings
M2870-71Front Bumper Periphery
M3169-70Belt Moldings
M3171 onlyBelt and Hood Moldings
M3369-71Body Side Moldings
M3671 onlyRear Bumper Periphery
M3870-71Decklid Finish Panel Moldings
M4169-71License Plate Frame
M4270-71Front Stone Shield Moldings
M4369-71Grille Trim Moldings
M4470-71Hood and Fender Moldings
M4669-70Simulated � Scoops
M4769 onlyHood Scoops - Simulated
M5169-71Power Sunroof w/Vinyl Roof
M7170-71Front Colored Bumper
M7270-71Rear Colored Bumper
M7370-71Front & Rear Colored Bumpers
M7571 onlyRear Bumper Tape
M8169-71Front Bumper Guards
M8369-71Rear Bumper Guards
M8469-71Tail Step Sill Plate
M8569-71Front & Rear Bumper Guards
M8870-71Decklid Moldings Treatment
M9169-71Luggage Rack
M9369-71Body Side Moldings Delete
N2370-71Electronic Ignition System
N2569-71Engine Block Heater
N3169-71Optional Engine Compression Ratio
N4169-71Dual Exhaust
N4270-71Chrome Exhaust Tips
N4470 onlySide Exhaust
N4569-71Hi Capacity Fan
N4669-71Medium Capacity Fan
N5169-71Maximum Engine Cooling
N6569-717 Blade Torque Drive Fan
N7569-71Aux. Transmission Fluid Cooler
N7771 onlyAux. Vacuum Reservoir
N7868 onlyPerformance Gauge
N8169-71Fast Idle Control
N8869-71Auto Speed Control
N9470-71Fiberglass Fresh Air Hood
N9570-71Emissions Control
N9669-71Fresh Air Hood
N9769-71Noise Reduction Package
N9871 onlyExhaust Emissions Standards Label
P2169-71Power Front Bench Seat
P2569-71Power Left Front Seat
P2869-71Power Left/Right Front Seat
P3169-71Power Windows
P3369-71Power Vent Windows
P3569-71Power Tailgate Window
P3770-71Power Convertible Top
P4169-71Power Door Locks
P4471 onlyPower Lock Tailgate
P4569-70Power Deck Lid Release
R1169-71AM Radio (2 Watts)
R1369-71Deluxe AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R1869 onlySearch Tune AM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R2169-71AM/FM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R2269-71AM Radio with 8 Track� (10 Watts)
R2369-71Search Tune AM/FM Radio (5 1/2 Watts)
R2671 onlyAM Radio with Cassette
R3169-71Rear Seat Speaker(s)
R3270-71Dual Rear Speakers
R3569-71AM/FM Stereo Radio� (10 Watts)
R3670-71AM/FM Stereo with Cassette
R3770-71AM/FM Stereo with 8 Track
R4569-71Oversize Manual Antenna
R4869-71Power Antenna
S1169-71Suspension H.D. without Sway Bar
S1369-71Suspension H.D. with Sway Bar
S1569-71Hemi Suspension with Sway Bar
S1671 onlySuspension H.D. Police
S1769-70Reduced Rate Suspension
S2171 onlyShocks H.D. 1"-Front / Monroe Load Levers Rear
S2271 onlyShocks H.D. Monroe Front / Load Levers Rear
S2569-71Firm Ride Shocks 1" Front & Rear
S2869-71Firm Ride Shocks 1" Front� / 1 3/8" Rear
S3170-71Front Sway Bar
S4171 onlyRear Sway Bar
S6169-71Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column
S6269-71Tilt Steering Column
S7470-71Quick Ratio Power Steering
S7569 OnlyQuick Ration Manual Steering
S7669-70Steering Wheel Horn Ring Full/Fleet
S7769-71Power Steering
S7869-70Full Horn Ring
S7969-70Lower � Horn Ring
S8169-71Premium Steering Wheel Woodgrained
S8171 OnlyDeluxe Padded Steering Wheel (B-Body)
S8370-71Rim Blow Woodgrained Steering Wheel (Rim Blow)
S8471 only"Tuff" Steering Wheel
T8269F70-15 White
T8369F70-14 Red
T8569F70-14 Red (Fiberglass Belted)
T8670-71F70-14 White
T8769-71F70-14 Raised White Letter
U0170-71E60-15 Raised White Letter (Front)
U0170-71G60-15 Raised White Letter (Rear)
U6469F70-15 White Stripe (Fiberglass belted)
U6569F70-15 Red Stripe (Fiberglass belted)
U7S69Special Order
U8270-71E60-15 Raised White Letter Polyglass
U8671G60-15 Raised White Letter Polyglass
V0169-71Mono Tone Paint Treatment
V0269-71Two Tone Paint Treatment
V0569 OnlyPaint Buffed
V0869-71Paint, Trim, and Vinyl Roof Edit Waiver
V0969-71Paint Special Order
V1*69-71Full Vinyl Top
* Missing digit represents color choices
A- Gunmetal
B- Blue
C- Black Alligator
F - Green
G - Black Gator Grain
H - Green Floral (Mod Top 1969 Dart/Coronet Only)
J - Walnut Pattern (1970 Only)
J - Paisley (1971 Only)
K - Walnut
L - Champagne
L - Parchment
M - Burgundy
P - Yellow Floral (Mod Top 1969 Barracuda Only)
P - Mod Yellow (Mod Top 1970 Barracuda Only)
Q - Blue and Green Floral (Mod Top 1969 Satellite Only)
Q - Mod Blue (Mod Top 1970 Barracuda Only)
T - Tan
W - White
X - Black
Y - Gold and Green Floral (Mod Top 1969 Barracuda Only)
Y - Gold
Y - Tortoise Grain
9 - Special Order (V19=Black on Superbird)
V2169-71Performance Hood Treatment
V2270-71Delete Sport Hood Treatment
V2369-70Paint - Delete Body Side
V2470-71Performance Hood Treatment w/CID�
V3*69-71Convertible Top
* Missing digit represents color choices
W - White
X - Black
9 - Special Order
V4*70Body Side Stripe (Strobe Tape)
* Missing digit represents color choices
J - Lime Daylight Fluorescent
M - Pink Daylight Fluorescent
W - White
X - Black
V4*71Vinyl Canopy Roof (See V1* for Colors)
V5*69-71Body Side Molding
V6*69-71Longitudinal Stripes
V7*69-70Accent Stripes
V8*69-71Transverse Stripes
V9*70Bumble Bee Stripes
V9*71Longitudinal Stripes
V5* thru V9* Missing digit represents color choices
A- Gunmetal
B- Light Blue
C- Plum Crazy
D - Dark Blue
E - Bright Red
F - Green
H - Trans Am Black
J - Chartreuse
K - Go Mango Orange
M - Magenta (1970 Only)
M - Burgundy (1971 Only)
R - Red
T - Tan
V - Orange
W - White
X - Black
Y - Yellow
8 - Delete
W1169-71Deluxe Wheel Covers
W1369Class 2 Wheel Covers
W1370Deep Dish Wheel Covers
W1371Class 2 Wheel Covers
W1569Deep Dish Wheel Covers
W1570-71Wire Wheel Covers
W1869-70Simulated Mag Wheel Covers
W2169Road Wheels
W2170-71Rallye Wheels
W2370-71Road Wheels
W3470-71Collapsible Spare Tire
W5571Wheels Painted Body Color
Y0569-70Build to USA Specs
Y0769-70Build to Canada Specs
Y0969-70Build to Specs for Export
Y1169-71Domestic Publications
Y1369-71Dealer Demo
Y1469-71Sold Car
Y1569-71Direct Sale
Y1669-71Sales Bank
Y1769-71Corporate Lease Car System
Y2269-71Corporate Lease Car - Executive
Y2869-71Company Car/Public Relations
Y3369-71Fleet Sales
Y3771Outside Modification Vendor (Sunroof)
Y3969-71Special Order
Y5469-71Chrysler Management Employee Purchase
Y9169-71Show Car Finish A / Less Gas
Y9269-70Show Car Finish B / Less Gas
Y9371Show Car Finish B / Less Gas
Y9770Show Car Finish - 3 Gallons Gas


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