1962-1968 Fender Tag / Broadcast Sheet Codes List

001Mono-Tone Paint
0013-Speed Manual Column Shift (1967)
002Two Tone Paint
003Tires 6.50x13" WSW
0034-Speed Manual Floor Shift (1967)
004361-2bbl Engine (1964)
004Front Sway Bar (1968 Super Stock)
005383-4bbl Engine (1968)
0053-Speed Auto (1967)
006383-8bbl (1967)
007413-2bbl Engine 300K (1964)
009426-8bbl Max Wedge Engine
009Special Order Tires
011Tires 7.00x13" BSW
011170-1bbl Engine (1967)
013Tires 7.00x13" WSW
01414x5-1/2" Stamped Steel Wheels
014426 Street Wedge Engine (1963-64)
015Column Shift with Manual Steering
016Tires 7.00x13" BSW
017B-Body Sub Frame Hemi Auto
018Tires 7.00x13" WSW
019A-Body Front Disc Brakes
020170-1bbl Engine
021225-1bbl Engine
022Tires 6.95x14" BSW
026D70x14" BSW
027Tires D70x14" WSW
028Tires D70x14" Red Streak
030Tires 7.35x14" SWS
031273-2bbl Engine
032273-4bbl Engine
0337.35 x 14 WSW Tires
038E70x14" RSW
039E70x14" WSW
041318 2bbl
0427.75 x 14 BSW Tires
0437.75 x 14 WSW Tires
044F70x14" RSW
045F70-15 Red Streak Tires
046F70-14 Red Streak Tires
046F70-14 WSW Tires
0487.75 x 14 Blue Streak Tires
0487.75 x 14 Red Streak Tires (1966-67)
050361-2bbl Engine
0518.25 x 14 WSW Tires
052340-4bbl Engine
0538.25 x 14 WSW Tires
0568.25 x 14 BSW Tires
0598.25 x 14 WSW Tires
0608.55 x 14 BSW Tires
060383-2bbl Engine (1965)
061383-2bbl Engine 
0618.55 x 14 WSW Tires
061383-4bbl Engine (1965)
062383-4bbl Engine
0638.55x14 WSW Tires
0668.55x14 8 pr BSW Tires
0688.55x14 8 pr WSW Tires
071413-4bbl 1965
0718.85x14 BSW Tires
0728.85x14 WSW Tires
073426-8bbl Hemi Engine
0758.45x15 BSW Tires
0768.45x15 WSW Tires
0788.45x15 8 pr BSW Tires
0798.45x15 8 pr WSW Tires
080426-4 street wedge 65
081440 High Performance
082426-2-4bbl HEMI 64-65
0828.85x15 8 pr BSW Tires
083440-4bbl hp
0848.85x15 8 pr WSW Tires
0918.15x15 BSW Tires
0948.15x15 WSW Tires
0958.85x15 BSW Tires
096G70x15 Red Streak Tires
0978.85x15 WSW Tires
098G70x15 White Streak Tires
099Special order speedometer pin gear
273Destination charge
2853.23 open 8.75" axle
291Solid Paint
292Two-Tone paint
294Sport Stripes
294GTX Racing Stripe 67 Only
300Green Convertible Top
301Black Convertible Top
302White Convertible Top
304Green vinyl Top
306Black vinyl Top
307White vinyl Top
309Bucket Seats (n/a with RR or Super Bee)
310Accent Stripe
319Delete Standard GTS Stripe
321basic Group
322safety Group
335Light Pkg.
342Torqueflite 1962-63 & 66
3434-Speed Manual Transmission 1964-65
3443-Speed Manual Transmission 1964
345Torqueflite 1964-65
3463-Speed Manual Transmission 1963
351Basic Radio Group
351Basic wheels
352Power Brakes 62-66
353Deluxe Dress-up Group
353Molding Pkg./Sport/Group/Barracuda
354Charger Radio Group
355Light Package
3583.55 HP Axle 383-4bbl Only
358Sport Decor Barracuda
359Trailer Package
360Decor Group
360Roadrunner Decor Group 68
361Radio 1962- 66
3613-Speed Manual Transmission 1964-65
362Rallye Instrument, Cluster
3623spd HD Man Trans. 1964-65
3634spd Man Trans. 1965
364200 Decor Group
365GTX Pkg. 1967 Only
365Torqueflite 65
366Super/Stock HEMI Pkg.
367Formula Pkg. Barracuda
385Heater 62-65
390dual snorkel air w/dual exhaust
3923-Speed Manual Transmission
3934-Speed Manual Transmission
395Automatic Transmission
4043.23:1 Final Gear Ratio
406Dana 60 with 3.54 gear ratio
408Sure Grip
411Air Conditioning
412Dual Air Conditioner
413Auto Temp Single
414Auto Temp Dual
416Heater Delete
418Rear window defroster
419Retractable Seat Belts 62-66
420AM 8-Track Radio
421AM Radio
422Music Master AM Radio
423AM/FM Radio
425Golden Tone Am/Fm Multiplex
426Rear seat speaker
427Stereo Tape Player Imperial
428AM/FM Golden Tone Multiplex
429Front Mount Antenna
432Tinted Windshield
447426 HEMI W/Auto Trans. Specs
450Manual Steering
451Power Brakes
452Power Door Locks
453Bench Seat 6 Way
454Power Bucket Or Split Bench Left
455Power 6 Way Seat Left & Right
456Power Steering
458Power Windows (HT and Convertible only)
459Vent Windows
460Tailgate Wind Wiper Wash
461Power Tailgate Window
462Assist Handles
463Roof Luggage Rack
464Luggage Compartment Lock
465Center Front Seat/W/Arm Rest
467Ornamentation Pkg.
470Air Cleaner Pkg.
472Auto Headlamp Dimmer
473Speed Control
47811" Heavy Duty Brakes
479Front Disc Brakes
480Dual Horns
481Front Bumper Guards
482Rear Bumper Guards
483Front & Rear Bumper Guard Group
485Center Arm Rest
486Console (N/A w RR or Super Bee)
492Maximum Cooling Package
493Oil Bath Air Cleaner
494Replace Cobb Oil Filter
496Fast Idle Control
497Engine Block Heater
498Seven Blade Fan
505Pedal Dress Up
508Performance Hood Paint
509Glove Box Lock
510Corning Lights
511Map Light
513Reading Lamps
514Glovebox Lamp
515Ashtray Lamp
516Trunk Lamp
517Hood / Fender Mounted Turn Signal
519Safe Guard Sentinel Lamp
520Clear Glass (with AC only)
521Tinted Glass
522Tinted Glass (Windshield Only)
523Clear Windshield (only with AC)
529Custom Sill Moldings
531LH Headrest
532RH Headrest
533R&L Headrests
534Inside Rearview Mirror
535Roof Drip Rail Moldings
536Remote Outside Mirror
537Manual Outside/Light Mirror
538Locking Gas Cap
539Lower Body Appliqué
540Belt Moldings (HardTop only)
547Pillar Moldings (Coupe only)
548Wheel Lip Moldings
549Bright Moldings
550Deluxe Seat Belts
551Deluxe Front Seat Cushion Foam
552Deluxe Front & Rear  Seat Cushion Foam
553Front Bucket & Rear Seats
556Front Seat Belts
557Rear Seat Belts
558Front Shoulder Belts
559Bright Seat Side Shields
560Pass. Side Seat Recline
561HD Front Seat
562HD Rear Seat
56350/50 Front Seat
564Bucket Seat W/O Headrest
565Rear Armrests (Road Runner Coupe)
567Rear Shoulder Belts
568Front Shoulder Belts
570Tilt Scope Steering Wheel
571Full Horn Ring Steering Wheel
573Wood Rimmed Steering Wheel
574Vacuum Gauge
575Partial Horn/Steering Wheel
578No/Undercoat Or HD Pad
579Undercoating & Hood Pad
580Road Wheels (n/a with Hemi)
58115 Inch Deluxe Wheel Cover
582Sport Wheel Covers
583Bolt/On Design Wheel Cover
584Deep Dish Wheel Covers (n/a with Hemi)
586Simulated Mag Wheelcovers (n/a with Hemi)
588Wheel House Liners
5893-Speed Wipers
59146 Amp Alternator
59460 Amp Alternator
59565 Amp Alternator
62170 Amp Battery
622Battery 48 Amps
623HD Suspension W/O Sway Bar
624Heavy Duty Suspension
625Heavy-Duty Shocks
62670 Amp Battery
62759 Amp Battery
628Fast Ratio Man Steering
6373.23:1 Sure Grip 8.75x11"
638Heavy Duty Shocks
642No Spare Tire
644HD Suspension W/Front Sway Bar
646Convert Backlight
648Hemi Suspension
659Delete Mirrors
661Radio Suppresser Pkg.
667RH Visor Only
670Sales Bank Order
693Manufacture Certified Card
708Special Buffed Paint
733426Hemi W/4-Speed Specs
769383-4bbl Auto Transmission. Specs
794Left HEMI Rear Spring 6/Leaf
964Right HEMI Rear Spring 7/Leaf
965Left HEMI Rear Spring Assembly
999Special Order Option
X-9Track Option Special Order
Y-9Aluminum Front End Special Order


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