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  1. 67r/t4speeder
    Still upright
  2. Scotty B
    Scotty B MyMopar
    Hi Richard,
    New member to the group and after posting in general discussions I was referred to you for info. Just trying to find some production numbers on my '74 Charger SE to see if my factory options are somewhat rare. I purchased it from the original owner who had factory ordered it with a 400, 4 speed, 3.23 sure grip, dual exhaust.
  3. Volare_78
    French guys with 1977 Plymouth VOLARE.
  4. RAT.KLR69
    Mopar To Ya
  5. Ghostrider 67
    Ghostrider 67
    Owner/builder of the Yankee Express, a 1967 Dodge Coronet resto-mod project. I am a 30 year combat veteran of United States Army.
  6. chris smith
    chris smith RJRENTON
    where did you find your 70 gtx parts book/manual? I have gotten a lot of the big stuff out of the way and now I'm getting to the"ha-ha,little things?"and find that it is a priority that I find one thank you for your help
  7. Hamid
    This is my 66 Plymouth Belvedere II, bought from Knoxville, Tnn. Mar 2017
  8. ChrisW
    Retired master mechanic.
  9. hotrod73d100
    Waiting for a pressure regulator bracket. Hope to be racing in a couple weeks.
  10. ssstx
    Super Sound and Security – One stop shop to provide quality car equipment
  11. sodiumcanine
    Mopar Forever
  12. undertakerman
    Retired Funeral Director
  13. Grasskeet
    Starting to restore a 1972 numbers matching 340 cuda, I bought from a guy in Canada